Science for Hippies

Science for Hippies by Tom ThumbScience for Hippies was begun just after the COVID-19 pandemic began. My events were cancelled and social media was full of conspiracy theories and doubt. Suddenly I had some unexpected time on my hands and I decided to tackle the book that had been bouncing around in my head after years of listening to hippies deny even the existence of bacteria.

I didn’t want to prove anyone wrong or mock anyone’s point of view. Rather I saw that there was an epistemological problem: how do we know anything at all?

Many in my social media circles seemed to think they could come to far-reaching conclusions on the basis of ‘their own research’ would essentially entailed surfing Youtube videos until they found someone who agreed with them.

So I wrote Science for Hippies to tell the story of the scientific method and rational thinking but in a simplified form with plenty of colourful examples. Facts and figures don’t change people’s minds but storytelling can help people reassess their point of view.

So do you want to learn how the world works?

Do you want to help a friend who’s falling victim to conspiracy theories?

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