Science for Hippies

A colourful, simplified guide to what science is all about and how can we know anything at all?
Written during the pandemic, Science for Hippies answers questions such as:
– why are conspiracy theories so much fun?
– when is intuition wrong?
– are scientists in the pay of big corporations?
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rainbow gatherings bookSomewhere Under the Rainbow

A journey through the world of the Rainbow Gatherings – autonomous intentional communities where thousands of people gather in nature for a month to dance, sing and celebrate  together in a temporary utopia.

If you ever wondered whether another way of life was possible then read the book, grab your guitar and head off to the nearest Rainbow Gathering to find your true colours…

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Bozo and the Storyteller book coverBozo and the Storyteller

Imagine you, the room you’re in, the planet and everyone in it were all just a Story, figments of imagination in the mind of a Storyteller. But with Hoomanity set on self-destruction, the Storyteller’s health begins to fail and if he should die, what would become of the Story that he tells?

All hope for our world lies in the hands of a 9 year old boy and a foolish Bloon…

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Hand to Mouth to IndiaHand to Mouth to India book cover

Hand to Mouth to India is the tale of when I hitchhiked from England to India at the age of 20 with no money at all.

Passing through England, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and finally arriving in Goa where I slept on the beach all season and wrote the book.

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tales of a road junky book

Tales of a Road Junky

Tales of a Road Junky covers the last 12 years of my journeys around the world, telling the tale of coming of age in the Goa trance scene, rescuing foreign prisoners in Delhi, selling fake Rolex watches in the street in Tokyo, getting into trouble with the medicine mafia in Brazil and delving deep into the heart of Israelity in the Promised Land.

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The Road Junky Handbook

The Road Junky Handbook

Readers have said:
“Everything the Lonely Planet won’t tell you.”
“The most original guidebook in existence.”
“Outspoken, funny and packed with attitude. Makes you want to sleep with the authors. Until you see their photos.”
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