Who is Tom Thumb and What Does He Do Anyway?

Hey look at that, you came to my site!

I’m Tom Thumb and I’m a writer, storytelling, performer, musician and event organiser.

So, what can you find here?

Well I’ve written a bunch of books – anything from hitchhiking to India, to a personal account of the Rainbow Gatherings, to a popular science book, to a novel for kids!

I’m also a storyteller and you can watch some magical realist storytelling videos!

Then there are the podcasts!

One about a whole series of  crazy travel stories, another where I go in my depth about what’s behind the stories I tell but the one I’m really passionate about at the moment is a pirate stories saga that’s getting close to 100 episodes!

I also have a little comedy project with an alter-eg0 who is usually right for the wrong reasons and that can best be watched on Instagram along with a load more short stories I’ve started telling to the camera.

I also love to write songs and a few of them can be heard here.

And when I’m not doing something creative I organise a Festival of Creativity in the Czech Republic and also retreats in the Sahara Desert in winter.