The Road Junky Travel Stories Podcast

A few years ago, huddled around a camp fire in the Sahara Desert on a retreat I was organising there, someone asked me to tell them a travel story. I began to pull out a bag of outlandish anecdotes from the road about hitchhiking to India, selling fake Rolex watches in Tokyo, getting friends out of jail…and it occurred to me that all these stories happened to me in my 20’s when I was still something of an experience junky. However uncomfortable, risky or absurd the adventure I found myself in, I knew at the back of my mind that it would make a good story some day.

I’ve written about much of these crazy times in my book, Tales of a Road Junky, but I also wanted to have an audio record of those times and so I made the Road Junky Travel Stories podcast.  Perhaps one day I’ll convince other travellers to add their tales, too…

You can listen to them here but why not subscribe to the podcast wherever you usually listen to them? Just search for “Road Junky Travel Stories” on Spotify or whichever service you use.