Arna and the Pirates podcast

Arna and the Pirates podcast

There are so many interesting, engaging, deep things I’m writing about at the moment but somehow they all got pushed to the back of the queue and I’m spending hours a week writing and recording pirate stories for kids.

I’m recording them as a podcast called Arna and the Pirates and it’s magical realist fiction with elements of horror and the occasional bit of toilet humour.

It just began in the summer as I made up a pirate story for my daughter one night at bedtime and the next day she asked for more. Four months late we’re up to chapter 46 and there have been subplots, backstories, intrigues – it’s been so much fun to write as in this genre you can go quite wild with the plot. There’s an evil king, for instance, who has servants to nibble at his fingernails to keep them short. His favourite drink is tears of children.

And so I decided to record them and share them with anyone who either has kids or has their inner child alive and well inside them and would enjoy a pirate story on a winter’s night :)

Or search for “Arna and the Pirates on Sporify, Apple or wherever you normally listen to your podcasts :)