the Storytelling of Tom Thumb Podcast

storytelling with song

A song for every story

I’ve been telling stories since I was a kid but began in earnest when I was living on the beach in India; some kids asked me for a story one day and, after that, each time they saw me they came running in my direction yelling: ‘Story! Story! Story!’ and I would have to run and hide until I had another tale ready for them.

From there I took a few classes in acting and began to write short stories for adults and performed them in parks, cafes, theatres, festivals – wherever I could get anyone to sit down and listen.

The stories I tell are all original and mostly in the magical realist genre. On this podcast each tale is followed by a song and then some thoughts about the creative process or inspiration for the story told.

Below are the stories currently on the podcast – you can find it in any podcast app by searching for “Storytelling of Tom Thumb”.