Storytelling Workshops and Performances For Schools

As a storyteller my first priority is to cater my stories for my audience and when I tell for children it’s a very different performance than when I’m taking a room full of adults on a journey of imagination. The magic of telling to children is that they are able to instantly imagine a scenario or a character and are able to suspend their disbelief at a moment’s notice.


Photo by Endy Mion

The challenge of working with children is that their attention span tends to be shorter and they need more interaction – this is also an opportunity, however, to explore the stories in unexpected, spontaneous directions.

I offer storytelling performances in schools and kindergartens and follow the stories with songs on the guitar. A typical story might be The King of Chocolate for example, and might be followed with comprehension questions, group discussions about the story, and creative writing exercises on say, The Queen of Cheese…


I also offer workshops on creative writing and storytelling:

Creative writing

I’m the author of Bozo and the Storyteller and write all the stories in my repertoire. Writing has always been a deep passion for me since I was 6 and I love to help children unlock their creative potential. In the workshop we explore themes such as how to invent an original plot, create a believable character, use description effectively to create a mood and howto avoid the pitfalls and cliches of bad writing (‘And then I woke up and it was all a dream…).


Storytelling is an integral part of life whether we’re answering the basic cue for a story how are you? to making a presentation at school, work or for another project we believe in. With a series of playful exercises and games, I help the children connect with their voices and explore their expressive range. We work with feeling at home in the body as we stand and walk, and finally we learn how to really relate to an audience with sincerity and transparency to create a powerful, empathic connection.

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