Want to give a 5 minute talk?

Hello brave soul, are you able to talk to us for 3-5 minutes on a subject you’re passionate about?

Can you do it without a microphone or using a projector?

We’re interested in hosting 12 talks over the evening of the 5 Minute University on a diverse range of subjects from origami to activism to growing tomatoes. After your talk you would host a brief Q&A before giving up the chair for the next speaker.

What kind of subject can you offer?

  • something you’re passionate about and know something about
  • no conspiracy theories or anything evangelical
  • what’s interesting is, of course, subjective, but we’re not that excited about anything too corporate

If you’d like to speak please send a 30 second intro of your talk to me, Tom, on Whatsapp or Telegram +420722609453

If I think it might work then I’ll get back to you. Please don’t take it personally if your talk isn’t chosen!

And if you are invited to come and talk, please do so with dedication – actually turning up would be the first part of that…:)