The Road Junky Sahara Retreat – 11-17 January, 2015

sahara retreat meditation

This winter we’re meeting up in the Sahara Desert in Morocco on the Road Junky Retreat to reflect, make music around the fire and tell travel stories around the camp fire.  30 travelers will walk out into the dunes for 6 days of meditation, dance and aikido workshops, heart-sharing circles and music beneath the starry desert sky.

There’s nowhere quite like the Sahara. As you look out on the sand dunes, the driest place imaginable, you’re reminded of an ocean frozen in time. The dunes ripple out in all directions like static waves although tiny particles of sand whip along the crest in the breeze in the timeless calligraphy of the desert. Every creature that moves – from a mouse to a beetle to a fox – leaves its track until the relentless desert winds remove all trace of life once again.

The dunes come into their own at sunrise and sunset, their long shadows coursing across the desert and changing the colour of the sands in a magical landscape with no evidence that humans ever lived on the planet. Then as we’ll be there at full moon, the entire visual show is repeated at night in lunar blue until you get the impression there’s a cosmic artist up there painting the desert in melancholy brush strokes.

In the Sahara the winds are the only company and silence can be found in just a few minutes walk – a silence so absolute that you can hear the blood rushing through your veins as you open up to inner spaces you just couldn’t reach meditating at home.

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