The Sahara Retreat, the Oasis, Comics and More…

I’m happiest when I’m thinking up a hundred ideas and projects a day and then managing to convince people to actually help me make a few of  them real…

The Sahara Retreat

sahara retreat meditation

A few years ago I had the idea of getting a whole bunch of people together in the Sahara Desert in Morocco for a week. I was hitchhiking in Norway at the time, about as far away from sand dunes as could be imagined, and it was one of those notions that really struck a chord with people. I’ve run several retreats now and the magic of it is watching people from different kinds of backgrounds come together and open their hearts under the stars. Read more about the Sahara Retreat.

The Road Junky Oasis

A permanent center for creative people or those who just want to take some time out to work out where their lives are going. Currently scouting for a location in South Spain.

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Wandering Viola

a social media webcomic

Better stop reading this – someone’s trying to contact you on facebook!

Wandering Viola is a collaboration with a Lebanese artist called Nadine Feghaly and it’s been such a joy to watch the stories come to life on the screen through her beautiful art/

It’s the story of a girl who wanders from planet to planet as part of her exile from her homeworld from which she was banished for the crime of opening her eyes…

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