I was so happy to write a song in tribute to Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince in the voice of the bold adventurer himself. This book has touched and taught millions of people all over the world and continues to do so. One of the greatest stories ever told, subtle and delightful in its simplicity.

E Fm# B7 E
I’ve seen drunks and geographers,, accountants and kings,
Cm# D B7
I’ve seen so many very strange things,
People with no roots who go,
E Cm#7 D B7
Anywhere the winds blow, (a tree told me so),

I never should have listened to a word she said,
I should have just breathed in deep her scent,
I was too young, I was too dumb
to know how to really love her, now i’m in this desert,

She was vain, she was a pan,
her pride drove me away,
But I was too young, I was too dumb
to know how to really love her…

So now I must find a way to return home,
There’s a flower I left there all alone,
she’s just got 4 little spines,
what counts in life can’t be seen with the eye (so now I must die),

B7 E
Look for me on a star…