I finally managed to write a song about the Rainbow without any irony in it….


Thanks to Yasmin for lending her beautiful vocals to the song…


Dm                                       C#dim
My friends, here we are again,
Dm                                                 A7
we always meet here, every year,

Dm                                                          C#dim
on a mountain or a beach or in a forest deep,
Dm                             A7
we gather, together,

Gm                                 Dm
Coz we love our freedom
Dm                               A7
We meet up on the road,
Gm                         F
We gather together
Dm                         A7
Under the Rainbow,

To love is to look
and try to see me when I see you,
we look deep inside and what do we find?
The Great Spirit, can you feel it?

C#dim        Dm
Together now,
A7                    Dm
we gather round….
C#dim         F
Together now,
A7                    Dm
we gather round….