This was a dream come true for me.

Thanks to everyone involved!

(Here’s another version with better sound but no subtitles)

The Rainbow Musical

(Narrator) 1: Brothers and sisters, lend us your ears!

(Narrator) 2: We have a story for you, full of laughter and tears.

N1: About a man who saw no reason to go on.

N2. Once upon a time in Babylon…

[Bob, a young man typing away on an imaginary computer]

Bob: 1 and 1 is 2.
2 and 2 is 4.
I work all day and i’m so bored.
There’s just got to be more to life than this, If i knew what to do i would,
how am i going to find my inner bliss, logging on to facebook?

[hippies pass by singing] ‘Hi, ho, hi ho, We’re off to the Rainbow,”

Bob: Who are these people? they look kinda weird…

Sister 1: What’s happening, brother? You look a little down!

Bob: All work, no play, stuck in the office day after day,
No meaning, no love, can’t remember when i last got a hug..

Sister 2: Sounds like you need some hippie rehab!

Bob: What’s that?

Sisters together: Hippie rehabilitation!


When you’re feeling negative
And you’ve run out of reasons to live,
When your heart is blocked and your feelings are locked,
Get down to some hippy rehab!

Oh, you’ll get bitten by bugs, You’ll get kisses and hugs,
Walk everywhere barefeet and say Ommm before you eat
Oh, you can grow your dreads, do your birth chart,
Then go make your bed, out under the stars,

So grab your guitar,
And a bag full of marijuana,
And go with the flow down to the rainbow
And get some hippy rebab (that’s rehabilitation!),
And get some hippy rehab!

Bob: So what is this Rainbow thing?

Bro 1: Man, that’s something you’ve got to see for yourself.

Sisters: So come on!

All: “Hi ho, hi ho, we’re off to the rainbow…”

[Bob pulls off tie and runs after them.]

N2: His job, his home – he gave it all up…

N1: to go and join the caravan of love!
They followed their hearts along the trail

N2: and with a map they printed out from their email…

{Food circle, singing, kissing and then everyone kisses the ground]

Bob: Holding hands and chanting, kissing the ground,
Oh god, what kind of strange cult have i found?

Bro 2: Hey man, it’s food circle!

Bob: What’s that?

Bro 2:  Well, it’s normally just porridge or polenta but you know, we can always dream…


Every day we gather round, every day we kiss the ground,
still we get the same old porrr-idge!
Every day we hope and pray, for cream and chocolate pancakes,
Still we get the same old porrr-idge!

There’s not a crust or a crumb can we find, can we beg or manifest,
but there’s nothing to stop us from getting a thrill
when we close our eyes and imag-ine…

Food, glorious food, hot potatoes with mustard!
And while we’re in the mood, cold apples and custard!
Pancakes and pistachios, what next is the question?
People in babylon have it, bro, indigestion!

Food, glorious food! Our favourite daydream!
Too good to be true, Hot chocolate and ice cream,
Can’t you just see it now, it would taste so good,
oh food, magical food, wonderful food, glorious food!

N1: He met new friends and ate with them and let his spirit shine!

N2: And he learned to listen for the magical words ‘second time?’
And just when he wondered who he should pay..

N1: he saw a Magic Hat coming his way

Deep Inside My Heart Song

Bob: well, that was a lot of fun, no doubt,
But what comes in… must come out.
Ah, excuse me, can you tell me where the bathrooms are?

Sister 3: You mean the shit pits? I’m going there right now! Come on!

[they walk to shit pit, couple of brothers already there]

Bob: you mean to say you… shit in a pit?

Bro 3: sure do! And we always remember to Cover it!

Bare Necessities Song

(from Jungle Book)

Talking about those bare necessities, those simple bare necessities,
forget about the bathrooms that you knew,
When shit in a pit, you see,
it turns to compost easily
the bare necessities of life come out of you!

Bro 4: so when you feel a rumbling, late at night,
sis 4: Grab a torch and follow the signs!
Bro 5: But when you shit in a pit
sis 5: always cover it
All: shit is sacred, shit is grand
Bro 6: shit is what happens when you’re making plans
Bro 3: are we giving you a clue?
All: the bare necessities of life come out of you!

N1: And so initiated into the Rainbow ways

N2: He decided to never eat again

N1: But just when he thought he’d begun to arrive

N2: he took out his camera and heard a terrible cry:

(Evil-looking Rainbow Police jump out with long cloaks and hats)

Rainbow Police: you never expect the Rainbow Police!

police 1: what’s this? a camera? No electronics in the rainbow!

police 2: and toilet paper? we use water and the left hand!

police 3: and didn’t i see you with your shoes on in the fire circle?


(to the tune of Radiohead’s Karma Police)

Bob: rainbow police, arrest me now,
I just arrived and I did not know how
illegal a camera could be,

Rainbow Police: this is what you get (x 3)
If you mess with us!

(Police leave in evil laughter. Bob looks dejected and depressed.
Then a sister sees him.)

Sis 6: Hey brother, don’t feel down! (gives him a long, passionate hug, then departs)

Bob: Wow, I never felt something like that before.
But was it just a hug or… something more?

(brother walks up)
Bro 7: Sounds like you’re looking for some Rainbow Loving!

Bob: Well…

Bro 7: let me tell you about it!

Rainbow Loving Song

(bro 7) Rainbow Loving, it’s a love fest,
(sis 7) Sisters and Brothers, it’s like incest,
(bro 7) Met a girl, with her own teepee,
(sis 7) He had dreads, down to his feet,
(both) Rainbow Romance, singing bhajans
and heart chakras rotating fast,

(brothers) Tell me more, tell me more, did you make some massage?
(sisters) Tell me more, tell me more, did he open his heart?
(all) Hari om, hari om, hari om, hari hari,
Hari om, hari om, hari ommmmmm

(bro 7) She showed me how to control my mind,
(sis 7) He told me, my mayan sign,
(bro 7) She said the answers were deep inside myself,
(sis 7) Said he’d love me, ’til 2012,
(both) Rainbow Love, naked in the sun,
surrounded by the family,

(sisters) Tell me more, tell me more, did he have lice in his dreads?
(brothers) Tell me more, tell me more, did she have hair on her legs?
(all) Hari om, hari om, hari om, hari hari,
Hari om, hari om, hari ommmmmm

(bro 7) Things got steamy down by the sweat lodge,
(sis 7) I said ‘no sex’ ’til he had a wash,
(bro 7) She was a goddess, yeah she was in tune,
(sis 7) My period came with the full moon,
(both) Rainbow Sex, chakras connect
and nowhere to buy condoms,

(brothers) Tell me more, tell me more, did she know some tantra?
(sisters) Tell me more, tell me more, did you make love under the stars?
(all) Hari om, hari om, hari om, hari hari,
Hari om, hari om, hari ommmmmm

(bro 7) No attachment, I had to meditate,
(sis 7) The Tarot told me we had to separate,
(bro 7) We parted with gifts of flowers.
(sis 7) Our farewell hug lasted an hour,
(both) Rainbow Love, better than drugs,
(all) Our hearts one in the fa-m-i-ly,
This…. is…. Sacred,

Bob: Oh man, i feel so happy, to be here at the heart of it,
But i’m not really a hippie, so how can i be part of it?
I can’t sing, i can’t dance, i’m still in culture shock,
I haven’t been to india and i haven’t got one dreadlock!

(Sis 8) Come on, daddy, don’t be square!
(sis 9) if you want to be a hippie, just grow your hair!
(sis 10) get a piercing or a tattoo…
(all) but it’s what you’ve got inside that makes you cool…

Rainbow Rock Song

(Jailhouse Rock melody)

So let’s rock, everybody let’s rock,
Whether you’re a hippie or not, come dance to the rainbow rock!

(bro 8) we’re not hindus, you understand,
(bro 9) But we got nothing against no bhajan
(bro 10) singing mantras puts you into trance
(all) but it’s not what you want when you want to dance,

Let’s rock, everybody let’s rock!
Whether you’re a hindu or not, come dance to the Rainbow Rock!

(Sis 7) so if you believe in demons or angels with wings
(Bro 8) hippies will believe just about anything
(Sis 8) leave your soap at home, oh my, oh gosh,
(All) in the rainbow no one needs to wash!

Let’s rock, everybody let’s rock,
Whether you wash or not, come dance to the Rainbow Rock!

N1: After a month in the Rainbow he was in love with life,
N2: After a motnh in the Rainbow, he’d caught headlice…

N1: You’ve heard our story
N2: It only remains to be said:
N1: This is Family
N2: This is sacred.

Rainbow Theme Song

D                              A6                  A

The Rainbow is for you and me

G                                      D

The Rainbow’s where we can be

Bm       E               A
Free all the time,

D                                   A6               A
The Rainbow’s for me and you,

G                                      D

The Rainbow’s where we’ll be true,

Bm                  E           A

to who we are inside,

Em                    A     Em         A

The Rainbow is, a catalyst,

D                                Dm       D
for change in who we a-re,

C#m                         D      C#m            D

The Rainbow can be, a sacred key,

Bm                        E11       E11(sus12)

to open up our he-arts,

Amaj7                   Am7     A7

Rainbow in the sk-y,

D7                         D6       D7
Rainbow in your ey-es,

Bm                                   E                          A             E
The Rainbow is the place for you and me!

Everyone’s Happy Inside

C                                  F      C                                     F

Everyone’s happy inside, they just don?t know it yet,

C                                  F          C                          F

Everyone’s happy inside, it’s the best-kept secret,

C                 F                 C                          F

we are made of the stuff of the stars,

C                 F                 C                          F

we dance our lives to the beat of our hearts,

G                           F                                    C      F

we dance ’til we die and we’re born again,

we dance ’til we die and we’re born again!