Some Songs

The Freedom Song

I finally managed to write a song about the Rainbow without any irony in it….

Thanks to Yasmin for lending her beautiful vocals to the song.

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All of Me

No reason to throw away a great melody just because the words are full of self-pity and pessimism. Just rewrite it…

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The Little Prince Song

I was so happy to write a song in tribute to Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince in the voice of the bold adventurer himself. This book has touched and taught millions of people all over the world and continues to do so. One of the greatest stories ever told, subtle and delightful in its simplicity.

(Read the lyrics and chords)

The William Blake Song

William Blake is a painter and poet that has inspired generations of artists over the last couple hundred years and there are phrases of his that accompany me every day. So I decided to collect the verses that touched me the most and assemble them all into a tribute song.

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God’s Own Dancers

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Alternative Rainbow Songs

I have so many of these. Here’s a sample:

And you can hear more alternative rainbow songs here!