[remember, if you take this idea and make lots of money from it then you agree to send me 1% of it. Because that’s the way it works.]

In the first of a dazzling series of dumb startup ideas I’d like to present secretmeat.com

the bane of vegetarians

the bane of vegetarians

Here’s the dilemma that this startup resolves is this:

– you’re vegetarian because it’s the right thing to do but you like the taste of meat and really miss it.

– you know that if you were seen eating meat then your whole moral position would be compromised.

– you also reason that as long as you preach vegetarianism and manage to convince 10 or 20 other people in your lifetime then you’ll have saved a lot of animals.

– in short, you’d be in credit. More than if you’d been strictly vegetarian and not convinced anyone to do the same.

– so you can eat a bit of meat from time to time as long as no one knows!

Enter secretmeat.com!

You go to the site, choose your order of bacon, steak or sausages that you’ve been longing for, an unmarked white van will drive to your home address, deliver the meat in a thick paper bag and you pay in cash to avoid any incriminating charges on your bank statement.

Express fake eat on the way to a hungry vegetarian.

Express fake eat on the way to a hungry vegetarian.

Voila! You get to eat meat once in a while and still be morally superior to everyone else.

Don’t forget – if you actually take this business idea and develop it into a successful startup you agree to send me 1% of all revenue for all time.