In the middle of a story

Here are some of my latest stories to listen to as you’re falling asleep, on a bus or just in the mood for a bit of imaginative storytelling.

I’ll be adding more stories from time to time and eventually make them available to download.

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The Wishing Well by tomroadjunky

An old curse: may all your wishes be granted.

The Man Who Fell in Love With the Moon

The most tragic of all love stories.

The Tale of When I Met Father Christmas – the Tramp

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of vodka around an oil can fire?

A Night in Fairyland

It takes two to fly, apparently…

The Story of the Dragon Slayers

Your deepest secrets are the worst weapon imaginable.

The Story of Katya and the Moonlight Dancers

A girl in a village in the far north of Russia discovers a terrible secret on the lake on the other side of the hill.


The Kissing Tribe

When I was an angry young man I hit the road to leave society behind. In the hills of Pakistan I found a tribe that changed my life forever.


The Three Thieving Demons

Three demons have a contest to see who can steal what is most important to humanity.


The Inichua – the Amazonian Tribe That Believed Everything by Storiesoftomthumb

A tribe with no word in their language for ‘to lie’ was kicked out of the Colombian jungle by the 50 ear old civil war. I was there when they first arrived in the cities.


The Tale of Tails

I went walking in the desert of Egypt and found some cave paintings that suggested a new perspective on our evolution as a species.


The King of Chocolate

We are what we eat…


The Tale of Abu Hasan and the Fart – 1001 Nights

The classic tale from 1001 Nights.